Sherlock Holmes says.. (III)

When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth...

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  1. sebetulnya sebelum Sherlock berkata begitu, dia minum kopi di rumah saya, Yen..

  2. komengku kok ndak muncul..

  3. Huda Tula says:

    what if there's nothing left? no truth then?

  4. YeN says:

    jadi terus maksudnya gimana bang? :p

  5. YeN says:

    mampir di spam dulu bang
    tuh udah dimunculin

  6. YeN says:

    i don't know. maybe. ALL IS FAKE???

  7. K says:

    so, there must be "something" else

  8. YeN says:

    if there's still "something" else, then you haven't eliminated all the imposibble yet

  9. Anonymous says:

    Maybe so, but may be not.
    Something else could means other options, but also could means there's something missing in ur analysis.

    Afterall, who could make sure that u already analyze all the possible option? I means, it always possible there's the "x" variable, out of our guess.

  10. YeN says:

    that's it. if there's still "something" else, other option or whatever, then it means that you haven't eliminated all the imposibble yet. something left. out of your guess maybe..

    and if there's something that out of our guess, that's not statement's fault. But our fault as human who has a limit

    *ngeh! sok inggris banget nih. bener ga tuh? -.-"

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